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Specializing in borehole drilling, borehole pumps and borehole testing.

For all your home, workplace and irrigation needs.
Experienced professionals operating in and around the areas of Johannesburg, Vaal Triangle, Potchefstroom and other areas of GAUTENG.
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Water well Drilling

Drilling of boreholes, a professional service we offer that will enrich your life on many levels. 

Step 1: Borehole siting

Step 2: Borehole drilling


Borehole Testing

Committed to bringing you excellent service. We also offer testing, a process whereby a borehole is subjected to pumping under controlled test conditions in order to determine the performance characteristics thereof.

Installation of Borehole Pumps

Installation of pumps after the borehole has been constructed, to transport the water from your borehole to your home, garden, etc.

Step 3: Installing borehole pumps

Step 4: Enjoying your clean and fresh water

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Siting of Boreholes

With cutting-edge technology we offer our service of siting the exact location to drill for optimal results.
We offer 95% success rate!

30 Years of expertise

The founder of Buks Boorwerke Pty Ltd has been on a life-long journey in the field and offers his expertise and dedication to each and every client.

Did you know?

By drilling a borehole you will probably save between R15,000 - R20,000 annually on your water bill.
A long-term financial benefit, which also increases the value of your property.

* Our services are not strictly limited to Gauteng, if you are in surrounding areas give us a call today!

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Operating in and around Johannesburg, Vaal Triangle, Potchefstroom and other areas of Gauteng.