1. What is calculated into the cost of a borehole?

 2. What is the average depth of a borehole?



3. Which factors affect the cost of my  borehole?

4. Why should I choose your company instead of the other websites I found?

1. Giving an exact estimation of the cost of a borehole can be a little more complex than one might think. 

For an accurate estimation we would need a little more information.

Adding to this cost is the transportation to the location, the amount of meters that needs to be drilled until the underground water is reached. And then also the casing that needs to be inserted in your borehole.



2. The average depth can vary, but in our experience it can be anything from 40m-90m.




3. What influences your cost will be the location. We sometimes have to deal with a layer of quartz on the way to your water source and that increases the cost of the equipment used.

We are very experienced and are aware of the areas where we regularly find this on site and would be able to inform you beforehand.



4. If the fact that we have over 30 years experience in the field of boreholes and pumps doesn’t convince you, maybe our commitment and dedication to each and every client would?

We offer +95% Success rate!

We encourage you to choose a borehole drilling company that knows what they are doing, for if they don’t it can cost you a lot more to clean up their mess than you would’ve saved changing to underground water!

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Let's take a look at the borehole procedure!





Use state of the art technology from BuksBoorwerke to site the borehole. Divining the exact spot to best extract underground water at the least of meters.

Use our newly bought and refurbished equipment to drill your borehole to provide you with your own supply of fresh, clean, mineral-rich underground water.

We insert the necessary equipment such as casing into your borehole to keep it from caving in or unwanted elements seeping into your water.

Install a borehole pressure pump in your borehole to convey your water supply to your desired place of use, such as your home.